I’m running because local public service matters. What is happening in Des Moines only underscores the importance of a bold local government.


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Rod Sullivan
Melissa Fath
Janelle Rettig
Pat Heiden
Royceann Porter
Lisa Green-Douglass
Joe Bolkcom
Mary Mascher
Vicki Lensing
Kevin Kinney
Dave Jacoby
Zach Wahls
Jodi Clemens
Lauren Whitehead
RaQuishia Harrington
Billie and Orville Townsend
Roger Lusala
Tony Curran
Royce Peterson
Greg Hearns
Jesse Case

Mike and Chris Weinard

Chris Taylor

Leah Jesse

Ed Cranston

Sarah Prineas

Meghann Foster

Sue and Bob Dvorsky

JP Claussen

Ruthina and Malone Malone

Janet Lyness

John Balmer

Becky and Tim Kresowik

Tom Kriz

Scott Finlayson

Rafael Morataya

Dr Richard Dobyns

Connie and David Bermann

Unions – Iowa City Federation of Trade Unions

Building Trades (including carpenters local)

Teamsters Local 238

Charlie Funk
Doris and Bill Preucil
Crissy Canganelli
Bruce Teague
Mazahir Salih
Rockne Cole

Susan Mims
Alan and Liz Swanson
Dick and Joyce Summerwill
Meg Eginton
Tommy Connolly
Jim Throgmorton
Barbara Eckstein
Synagogue – Jeff Portman
Kathy Jacobs
Caplan clan
Connie and David Bermann
Peter Hansen and Katy Hansen
Jean Lloyd-Jones
Dick Myers
Leslie/Scott Carpenter

Theo Prineas

Mira Bohannan Kumar

Meet Janice

Janice was born in Iowa City, grew up in Coralville,

and is a graduate of West High School. She spent her senior

year as an AFS exchange student in Belgium, which opened

her mind to the world. She credits her ICCSD public school

education with her admission to Princeton University, and

later Stanford Law School. After practicing law in the

San Francisco Bay area, Janice joined the U.S. State

Department in 1987. Her first posting was in East Berlin,

both before and after the Berlin Wall fell, an experience that

combined totalitarianism with a grassroots, peaceful

revolution - dual lessons Janice never forgot. She served in

Brussels, Belgium, and Ankara, Turkey, where she won

awards as Embassy human rights officer during the height

of the PKK insurgency, forging relationships with many who risked their lives to defend human rights.

Subsequent posts included Washington; Warsaw, Poland; Toronto, Canada; Ankara, Turkey as political counselor; Mexico City as embassy press attaché; and Düsseldorf, Germany as Consul General. Her final posting was in the bureau of legislative affairs at the State Department, liaising with Capitol Hill. After retiring from the Foreign Service, Janice worked for the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA), the bargaining unit and professional association of the Foreign Service. She moved back to Iowa in 2015 with her younger daughter, who graduated from West High om 2018. Her young granddaughter, Alaska, lives with her as well.

Janice likes to run; enjoys theater – she grew up doing community theater here with her parents – loves music, the outdoors, and her dogs. She has two daughters and a granddaughter. She serves on the boards of Shelter House, UNA/USA, and Agudas Achim Synagogue; and is a member of the program committee of the Iowa City Foreign Relations Council. She works at all levels of the Democratic Party. She enjoys playing with the Community Band, singing with the Hospice Singers, and helping out at Free Lunch when the Dems take their turn.

Janice has always had a passion for politics. In the Foreign Service, she forged relationships across the political spectrum, with all walks of life and all socio-economic levels. She learned to listen and hear the subtleties. In 1984, Janice ran Get Out the Vote for the Iowa Democrats in Johnson County (when Harkin was first elected to the US Senate). In fall 2016, she dusted off her grassroots political skills and worked for three intensive months as a field organizer. The results of the 2016 elections only deepened her determination to ensure that good, progressive candidates who care about all the people get into office. Her credo is that, as a country, we are ultimately measured by how well we treat those at the bottom of society’s rungs.



Providing more affordable housing and improving public transportation.

Balancing the city budget and continuing to grow our local economy.

Combatting climate change with local solutions for businesses and families.

Listening to the voices of all Iowa City residents to ensure your government works for you. "New Ideas" "seat of  democracy

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